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Don Stewart is an evangelical, spirit-filled Christian who has dedicated his life to healing human hurts. Don’s ministry is used by God to bring salvation, healing, and prosperity to multitudes throughout the world. He believes, “God wants to heal you everywhere you hurt!”

“Since A.A. Allen’s death and his own ascension, Don’s fast becoming the hottest gospeler on The Trail. He’s been raising up Jesus in huge tumults in Chicago and all over the south, even in England. He’s been zapping sinners and harvesting souls and performing… miracles. Billy Graham’s still on the job. Oral Roberts has endowed his own University in Tulsa, and there are quite a few others, but right now the Man from Miracle Valley is the hottest evangelist on the Hallelujah Trail.”
--Rolling Stone

The story of Don Stewart’s life and ministry is the story of a modern miracle. Don Stewart was born on October 25, 1939 at the Yavapai County Hospital in Prescott, Arizona. His mother, Beulah, was 40 years old at the time, and was in danger of dying as she gave birth. The doctors also feared for the baby's life when a man walked into the room. The man put a prayer cloth on Beulah and said, “You shall live and not die, and the child you shall bear shall be a chosen vessel.” The stranger left the room and was never seen again, but he would have a profound effect on Don’s life and calling.

Don first witnessed God’s miracle power as a young child. Raised in Clarkdale, Arizona, he was the youngest of six children, and the family was poor. When Don was about four years old, the family goat, which provided the milk the children drank, got sick and seemed to be dying. Don’s mother and father knelt down, anointed the goat with oil, and prayed a simple but sincere prayer for God to heal the goat. Almost immediately, the goat jumped up and began to run around the yard!

Don was already learning the power of faith when, at age 13, he was struck with a crippling bone disease in his hip joints. After two years and four major operations, doctors still could not give him hope that he would ever be able to walk without crutches again. But God miraculously healed Don when he was 15 years old and called him into the ministry. It was a miracle that would change the direction of his life forever.

Don Stewart with A. A. AllenAs a teenager, Don read the Bible, prayed, and listened to revivals on the radio. He was particularly drawn to A. A. Allen’s ministry and the testimonies of other people healed by God’s supernatural power. After high school, Don went to work for Rev. Allen, pounding tent stakes at revivals. Rev. Allen quickly recognized the awesome power of the Holy Spirit working within Don and mentored him, and soon Don was preaching to people in crowded tents and standing-room-only auditoriums with Rev. Allen.

For 50 years, Don Stewart has spread the Gospel and shared the message of God’s supernatural power with people in over 85 countries on six continents. From bamboo huts to presidential palaces, from open fields to some of the largest coliseums in the world, Don Stewart has delivered God’s message of love and healing to millions of hurting people. Thrilling testimonies of deliverance from all kinds of disease, sickness, and spiritual oppression are experienced in Don Stewart’s international crusade services. Hundreds of churches have been planted out of his revivals, and thousands of pastors, churches, and Christian workers are part of his global fellowship.

Don Stewart’s television program, “Power & Mercy,” is broadcast seven days a week to millions of homes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Philippines.

Because of Don’s belief in the power of God’s word and the anointing surrounding his mother at his birth, Don offers his congregation and television viewers a free Green Prosperity Prayer Handkerchief. He believes that the cloth, a handkerchief that he has personally prayed over, blessed, and anointed, is a Touch Point of Hope to help people release their faith and reap God’s blessings in their lives.


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