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Don Stewart Association offers a variety of events to bring the power and mercy of Jesus Christ to people around the world.


For 50 years, Don Stewart’s dynamic crusades have brought about radical changes in people’s lives! His preaching is simple but dynamic, flowing in the Gifts of the Spirit with a special anointing for healing, miracles, and prophesy! Thrilling testimonies of deliverance from all kinds of disease, sickness, and spiritual and financial oppression have been experienced in Don Stewart’s crusade services.

Miracle Workers Conferences

Don Stewart’s Miracle Workers Conferences are for those who hunger for the supernatural power of God!  These three-day summits feature special guest speakers, music, and fellowship with others who seek an impartation of the anointing. Learn more at the Miracle Workers Conference website!

Hope Partner Meetings

Don Stewart also holds smaller, less formal gatherings with his ministry partners. These meetings are a powerful time of fellowship and prayer. Become a Hope Partner today!

Brendon Stewart Crusades

The anointing that was passed down from the Reverend A.A. Allen to Don Stewart has now been passed on to another generation! Don’s son Brendon Stewart conducts his own Miracle Crusades, and God is moving in a mighty way! Come to these exciting events and become part of the next wave of the Holy Spirit's move! Visit Brendon's website for more information.



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