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Green Prosperity Prayer Handkerchief

Inspiring words from people who have been touched by God's supernatural power!

Received $350 After Paying Vow!

Dear Don,
Everything is coming true that God told you would happen for my husband and me! God is blessing us! My husband and I paid our Vow of Tithe. We got a $150.00 blessing and a day later, a $200.00 blessing. God is blessing us so much that it’s overwhelming!
- E. & M. G., Virginia

Bills Paid In Full!

Please tell Rev. Don Stewart that God came through for me! I have no income and my light bill and gas bill were due - with no way of paying them. After prayer, both bills were paid in full overnight! Oh yes! Tell Don to look for a payment on my Vow of Tithe this week
- Katherine C

Gave Up Cane and Lost the Pain!

Dear Pastor Stewart,
I was at your Crusade and I enjoyed it SO much. I have not been to a meeting like yours in a long time. I gave up my walking cane at the service and walked all the way to the bus stop WITHOUT PAIN! You are God’s servant and I love your ministry. God bless you.
- Lucille M., New York

Financial Miracle!

Dear Pastor Don Stewart,
I felt like there was no way out – no hope for me at all. I FELT LIKE DYING. The bills were sky high. My children’s father was going to leave us. The utilities were on the verge of getting turned off. And we were getting evicted out of our home. I went upstairs and cried out to God. Later that day, God blessed me with groceries. Your prosperity handkerchief came, and then I was blessed with a job! It was a FINANCIAL MIRACLE!!! The anointing was so strong that God’s blessings just began to flow as soon as you mailed it to me. Thank you Pastor Don Stewart for being so faithful and obedient!
- Tonya D., Ohio

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